Thursday, July 4, 2013

Progressive Agenda Exposed

Sure as the sun coming up Obama exposed the Progressive agenda on his African Aggrandizement Tour. 

And, it is not what ordinary folks think progressive means.

Progressives desire a world they control. A world where they have all power. A world which does not threaten them. A simple world. Pol Pot was a Progressive. The Agrarian Myth seduces them. Of course THEY aren't interested on living on a farm - that's for the masses.

Their rational for reducing the population, reducing education, reducing energy availability, reducing mobility, reducing freedom changes from generation to generation: Over population, Global cooling, lack of water, running out of oil, global warming. As each lie is exposed they choose another while never admitting that their previous propaganda was in error. 

They never quit. They are a covert drag on all human endeavor. They are the voice of failure, of defeat, of enslavement. Their siren call is something for nothing, no responsibility for behavior, reward without risk, food for free, cheap housing, ObamaCare. This too changes over the generations. But the bargain is always the same. Let me take care of you. Give up your freedom. Sell me your Soul.

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