Saturday, April 6, 2013

How about a No Contest Divorce?

Our nation has a clear division between socialists and constitutionalists. 

The last time our country was so divided we had a civil war. 

This time can't we just stop using the federal government to bash bash each other? If we can't be civil at the federal level then why can't we peaceably choose our own futures and separate into two or three countries? 

The Progressive Socialist can have their blue state country based on redistribution and gun control and political correctness and oceans of paper money and welfare. 

The rest of us can have a red state country based on the US Constitution and personal freedom and respect for people and a hard currency and charity. 

I think that in ten years the economic differences and standard of living would be stunning. But I could be wrong. Why don't we find out in a peaceful way?

States and large cities could vote to choose their affiliation. Some gerrymandering would have to be done to accommodate blue cities in red states like Chicago in Illinois. Or noncontinuous borders would have to be accepted. There would be some personal hardship but nothing like that caused by civil war. 

The military should be allowed to choose affiliation and resources would then be divided based on personnel distribution. After all there isn't any point in having a carrier that can't be manned or planes with no pilots.

Federal resources and debt would be divided based strictly on population. Western states could sell off old federal lands and quickly be out of debt. Blue states would, of course, inflate their currency to pay off their debt.

Individual adults 21 years old and older would have a three year period in which to choose their affiliation. Children born before separation would have until age 21 to select a country.

A new political entity would be created called the City State. This entity would accommodate large cities which become geologically separated from their affiliated country. Reasonable access corridors or protected passage would have to be provided for such isolated entities. This would allow the personal, but not commercial, transportation of material prohibited in one country to be transported across the other country's territory with out penalty. Such material might consist of personal firearms, drugs for personal use, or food products.

Rather than act like children yelling and hitting each other lets act like adults and get an amicable divorce.     

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