Friday, April 5, 2013

Liberals and Racism are Inextricable - Latest Example

Another example of Liberals' racist agenda. They see everything through race colored glasses. 
To meet diversity goals Phoenix has recruited minority life guards who can't swim to work at pools w/ minority kids. Apparently it's OK if the minority kids drown.

What a minority parent never said: "Well, my kid did drown but at least a black or Hispanic life guard watched. Wouldn't want a white life guard to save my kid."
Do Phoenix Liberals really believe parents of ANY color prefer to have life guards of their own race when doing so puts their children at risk? No parent thinks like that. And Liberal parents wouldn't put THEIR kids at risk this way. Their kids are at some expensive private pool with life guards that are certified.
Liberals love applying their racist ideals to other people while they themselves are protected from the consequences.

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